James Dondero Looks to Make His Adopted Home Town Better

When James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in the early 1990s, he made Dallas his new home. But the city did not just become the place where he lived. Dondero had a desire to make Dallas the best city possible for all its residents. To that end, he has involved himself and Highland in numerous charitable endeavors. One of the most effective ways James Dondero helps out the people of Dallas is thanks to his relationship with Mary Jalonick, the President and CEO of The Dallas Foundation.

Through their partnership, they formed Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., with Dondero committing nearly $3 million annually to charitable causes. Much of their focus is on veterans, education, and health care. James Dondero’s philanthropic efforts have also led him to contribute money to The Family Place, which aids men who are victims of domestic violence. James Dondero’s involvement in this cause came as a result of a plea from both Dallas’s mayor and one of its former police chiefs for the community to do more to combat domestic violence.

Because of Dondero’s efforts, the Family Place became the first domestic violence shelter in Texas with services geared specifically toward men and their children. Dondero’s philanthropy has extended to the Dallas Zoo. Following the death of the zoo’s hippopotamus, the habitat was shut down. But Dondero donated $1 million for upgrades to be made to the habitat so the zoo can bring in another hippo. Other features of the habitat include the Highland Hippo Hut to educate zoo visitors on conservation efforts involving hippos.

Rebel Wilson Isn’t It Romantic a Thrilling and Inspiring Comedy Film

The first trailer of the comedy film Isn’t It Romantic has just dropped and going by the looks of things this is one movie that rom-coms lovers will be obsessed with it. The film that stars Rebel Wilson as the led actress is not only a sure way of cracking up rom-com lovers but is also a game changer film for both men and women.

The trailer starts by showing us why Rebel Wilson who appears as Natalie hates romantic comedies. In a flashback, Natalie remembers her mother’s comments on how she looks and her telling her that girls like her are not the type that ends up getting their dream guy.

Natalie’s mother is then seen telling her that she should look herself in the mirror and that she is not Julia Roberts. In a nutshell, her mother is advising her to stop living in the fantasy world of romantic comedies. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Natalie, an architect by profession, is also not lucky at work as she is being looked down upon by her colleagues who think she is no better architect who can help with designs but instead should help serve coffee in the office.

However, things turned turtle for Natalie when she suddenly hit her head while running away from a mugging incident at the New York subway station. Natalie is knocked unconscious, and when she wakes up to her dismay, she finds herself living in a rom-com.

Natalie first meets Liam Hemsworth who appears in the film as Blake. Blake on seeing Natalie suddenly falls head over heels for her. Blake finds Natalie to be charming, smart and beautiful. Blake then asks Natalie whether she is feeling what he is feeling and in a classic Wilson fashion, she blatantly says no.

The film is a PG 13 movie and is set to premiere on the screens on the eve of the valentine’s day in 2019 and what a better way to celebrate the lovers day than have them watch a romantic comedy.

The film besides Wilson and Liam also stars the gorgeous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra who appears as a yoga ambassador. Also in the movie is the Pitch Perfect movie star Adam Devine who appears as Josh and in whom Natalie will also develop feelings for besides Blake. The trailer leaves us with the suspense of not knowing whether Natalie will end up with Blake or Josh.

Isn’t It Romantic will be officially launched in the US on February 14th by the leading American entertainment house the Warner Bros, and in the UK it will premiere on Netflix. The fantastic team behind the movie includes Todd Strauss-Schulson, Todd Garner, Gina Mathews, Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, Jon Brion, John Debney, and Katie Silberman among others.

Rebel Wilson the lead actress in the Movies is a renowned, celebrated Australian actress whose acting career began in the year 2003. Wilson attended the Australian Theatre for Young people where she graduated in 2003.

Immediately after her graduation Wilson landed acting roles and was featured in the famous comedy series known as Pizza and the Wedge. Besides acting Rebel Wilson is also a film writer and producer.

Herbalife Stock Growth

Herbalife for starters has a large product line that has even grown in the last year. They offer products in weight control, nutrition, energy boosts, and sports supplements. With this variety and the successful year Herbalife (HBL) had in 2018, success seems evident for this company in 2019. By adding over 50 new products last year, HBL has not only maintained their current customer base, but attracted new ones as well.

An example of the new products is an iced coffee. Coffee is a big market right now and this one from Herbalife Nutrition is high protein and considered to be better for the consumer health wise. This is just one way HBL is cornering the market of the health conscious. They are on track to release new flavors this year and specialize in specific taste trends in specific areas. HBL has been great about keeping up with customer preferences and the latest trends and also their direct selling concept has helped them market in ways other companies cannot.

While overall the industry of this type of product declined, Herbalife moved ahead with a strong third quarter. The company has not seen such growth since 2012. Another positive for this company is that they are know globally in over 90 countries. So they have done a great job getting their brand name out there.

With all these positives, the competition is still expected to be strong in 2019. There are a lot of companies promoting this type of product. However, Herbalife has been around for awhile and have proved they are not here today and gone tomorrow. Their selection of products reaches many types of markets and a wide range of consumers. With their worldwide reach there is so much potential. The new year looks good for HBL, getting high points from various equity research companies. Learn more about Herbalife, visit https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/HLF:US.


Ashley Brasier Partners with Lightspeed

Ashley Brasier is a former category manager and Senior Associate Consultant at Thumbtack Inc. and Bain & Company respectively. She is currently a partner of Lightspeed Investment Partners, a capital firm that is involved in the consumer, technology, cleantech and enterprise businesses.

Lightspeed ventures Partners was established in the year 2000 with its main headquarters in Menlo, California as well as other offices in Beijing and Shanghai cities in China; New Delhi, India; and HerzeliaPituach, Israel. The founding members of Lightspeed were Barry Eggers, Christopher Schaepe, Peter Nieh and Ravi Mhatre.

Ashley Brasier grew up with an interest of becoming an architect like her father. Most of the time she spent with her father mastering the art of prototyping. Ashley also enrolled at Duke University to advance prototyping skills which made her prefer prototyping business ideas to real life situation. It’s after graduating she served as a consultant at Bain. After working for several years at Bain, she moved to Thumbtack Inc. as a Category Manager she was given the role of clients’ entertainment and experience in events and wedding categories. Read this article at Forbes to learn more about Ashley.

At Thumbtack, Ashley was exposed to venture capital. She attracted much interest to this industry because of its capability to foresee the uncertain and proven record of recognizing and providing support to the company ’s projects before they are established.

Ashley Brasier realized she needed financial capital to support herself and to achieve this she had to venture into several industries at once. She left Thumbtack and partnered with Lightspeed assisting entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to reality. As a member of Ashley Lightspeed consumer investment team, Ashley worked closely with starting up industries to define their growth strategy.

Ashley Lightspeed ventures focus in seed, early stage, expansion stage, the growth of industries and incubation and has specialized in financing debt for starting up and developing an already grown company.

Learn more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/06/lightspeed-hires-5-new-partners-from-slack-twitter-and-more/



Women will jump through nearly any hoop for beautiful hair. So that would mean of course, that the first priority of lovely locks is keeping them clean.


The more lather the better right? You know you have a great shampoo if a little dab produces enough lather to wash your hair, your shower stall, and the bathroom floor. Well hold the phone! That’s not necessarily true ladies. According to dictionary.com, the sodium sulfates it takes to make that lather happen strips the natural oils out of your hair. Not good.
However, do not panic! Chaz Dean has come up with a brilliant solution! Wen by Chaz is THE unique, one of a kind product line that loves your hair every bit as much as you do. Good for every type and texture of hair. How WEN led the way for the no-lather hair care trend? Formulated from just a few simple ingredients that cleanse and soften your hair to a level you have never experienced before! A softness, shine, and scent that is addictive!
And FYI says Wikipedia, Wen products are never tested on animals. Each bottled is produced to meet Wen’s extremely high standard of quality and is completely safe. All Wen products are manufactured in the United States and in Canada. Wen is so confident you will love, love, love their products that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Even if you send back all empty bottles, you can keep the free gifts and get full refund. Who does that?
Wen not only comes in a variety of alluring scents, but have convinced women, after only one use of it’s unique ability to change the way their hair looks and feels. There are so few beauty products that can make any kind of a positive impact after only one use. Wen is a no brainer. The calm zen of Wen is a Win. Visit the official website at wen.com.

Need Wen? https://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

Alastair Borthwick: The Life of a Legend

Alastair Borthwick was one of those people who lived life to the fullest and did not seek recognition for the amazing thing things he was able to achieve in his life. He was an author and a broadcaster whose stories touched many hearts and who would take his listeners and readers on great adventures using his stories. His family moved from his birthplace Rutherglen to Troon when he was still very young and then on to Glasgow where he attended Glasgow High School.

When he turned 16 he gave up school to work for a local tabloid newspaper called the Evening times. After leaving the Evening Times he went on to the to the Glasgow Herald where he worked as a copywriter. He would write down the information relayed by reporters via telephone. In no time getting his chance to write his own articles. It was while working at the Herald that he fell in love with the outdoor life. He had been editing the paper’s Open Air page and grew interested in the hiking and other outdoorsy activities.

Hiking and rock climbing was an activity that was reserved for the elite. He found it interesting that people living in Glasgow would take time on the weekend to walk and do some climbing and the activity was growing popular by the day. He, therefore, started climbing too in the Scottish Highlands and spend a lot of his leisure time this way. His book Always a Little Further came into being from his climbing activities.

It was a compilation of his articles for the Herald that T.S Eliot helped make into a book. In the book, Alastair Borthwick says that life outdoors was a great way to get away from the city and its worries as it is not possible to sweat and be worried at the same time. During WW2 he joined up and after the war ended he and his wife moved to Jura where their son Patrick was born. He then worked for the BBC as a broadcaster and later on as a TV program producer.

About Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen in the month of February of 1913 and attended Glasgow High School.

Gareth Henry Joins Medium With Authorship In Private Equity Investment

After completing studies from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Gareth Henry started a career specializing in private real estate and credit investment products.

He held many titles including Director of Strategic Solutions, Global Head of Investor Relations, and Head of International Investor Relations. Nearly 21 years, he gained experience working for Schroders, Fortress Investment Group, and Angelo, Gordon, & Company. With much expertise in investments, leadership, global markets, and portfolio management, he is now an author publishing informative and suggestive advice.

In an article authorship on November 7th, 2018, Gareth Henry informs investment readers about strategies in private equity and public ownership. Private equity, an alternative investment class comprises funds that directly invests into companies, such as startup and private. The fund holder, called a private equity firm invests in private companies and holds positions in stocks that’s publicly traded. Investors use the fund to make investments in emerging and new technology, acquisitions, and to increase working capital for meeting financial obligations. Gareth’s example of private equity is venturing capital to support new ideas of entities in its early establishment stage.

Gareth Henry has advice about the disadvantages of public ownership. One important issue is the costs associated with IP which can escalate over an 18-month period. It can cost $750,000 to do the IPO which he says half of private companies stop to go public instead. It’s an ongoing financial commitment to compliance, standards, and maintenance with an average cost over $5.4 million. In his authorship, he identified two of the largest private transactions dating back to 1988 and 2007.

The first transaction involved Kohlber, Kravis & Robert purchasing RJR Nabisco for $25.1 billion. Next, is an acquisition transaction for Kohlber, Kravis & Robert to gain ownership of TXU Energy. The total cost of the acquisition was $45 billion through partnerships with TPG Group and Goldman Sachs. The partnership comprises limited partners who share risks with 99 percent ownership and limited liability; and general partners who own one percent of shares and have full liability. Gareth Henry warns his readers to pay close attention to all statements of private offerings and read the fine print about management fees to reduce costs.

Read more: An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry

Betsy DeVos Demonstrates Her Dedication To Educational Choice By Revealing The Benefactors Of Her Charitable Giving

Betsy DeVos is a native of Michigan who serves in many different business sectors in the United States. She was born in the town of Holland, Michigan, where she worked with her father at his auto parts store. DeVos is an independent woman who later studied at Calvin College, which is a private Christian college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her deep interest in politics began there, and she also earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics at the college before moving on to greater things.


Betsy DeVos has been part of the leadership at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids for many years. She has also supported many other Christian Schools and continues to be one of the most active supporters of educational choice. This educational movement has been in existence for many years and works to offer younger American students equal educational opportunities.


In the past, Betsy DeVos served the movement by sitting on the boards of the American Education Reform Council as well as Children First America. She also worked with her husband, Dick DeVos, to pass a charter school bill in the early 1990s in the state of Michigan. She also worked to reform the educational system in the state by creating the Great Lakes Education Project. This project operated to help expand charter schools in Michigan, and her success with its mission prompted her to begin to work towards doing the same for the entirety of the United States.


Before deciding to place her bid to serve her nation as its educational secretary, Betsy DeVos decided to open up the books of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The foundation has donated more than $139 to different charitable causes, but its main focus has been on America’s educational sector. In 2015, the foundation donated close to $12 million to charitable organizations, and 26% of that money went to the educational sector.


In the past, Betsy DeVos has donated money to the Rehoboth Christian School, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Northwood University in Midland, and Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids. She has also donated money to help support poor families who need extra help so they can afford to place their children in a quality private or charter school. DeVos continues to fight to pass legislation that allows tax dollars to be used to assist low income families with private and charter school tuition fees. It is her hope that there will come a day when every family in America can enjoy the equal educational opportunities.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

All You Need to Know About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group Founding and History

The fortress investment group has been a trendsetter since the moment it was founded back in the year 1998. This is according to a highlight by its initial public offering in 2007, when the company became the first large-scale private owned equity firm to have a public exhibit in the New York Exchange market.

The company was founded by Rob Kauffman (retired back in the year 2012), Wes Edens (current principal) and Randal Nardone (current principal). The founders had a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge in finance from their various positions at Black Rock Financial management, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and Goldman Sachs.

At the moment, the fortress group is among the diversified global firms for investment management with over 1,800 investors and over 43 billion dollars of assets in hedge funds, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity. The company uses strong risk-adjusted returns for investments on a long-term basis. The company headquarters are located in New York and it employs about 100 people. Read more on patch.com

Fortress Group Areas of Specialization

The following are the cores areas that the company specializes in:

Capital markets

Corporate acquisitions and mergers

Asset-based management

Sector-specific knowledge of institutions and companies

Operations management

SoftBank Group (SBG) Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

SoftBank announced the completion of the acquisition of this company on 27th July 2017 for $3.3 billion in solid cash. After the transaction was completed, SBG and subsidiaries took ownership of the fortress shares that were outstanding. The acquisition was completed after satisfying all the agreed conditions, including fortress investment group shareholders approval of the transaction and receipt of the regulating approvals. As a result, the outstanding fortress class A shares were converted to receive about $8.08 in cash per share, with the merging proceeds to abide by the fortress definite proxy in their distribution.

Fortress Investment Group Operations After Acquisition

Fortress after acquisition started to operate within SBG as an independent business entity from its headquarters. Its principals Randy Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger continued to head fortress. SBG has been committed to maintaining brand, leadership, processes, business model, as well as fortress culture that has supported its success up to now.

Visit  https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/FIG:US-fortress-investment-group-llc

Ryan Seacrest And Girlfriend Taylor Open Up About Their Love For Each Other And Food

Ryan Seacrest and Taylor meeting 2013 through mutual acquaintances and a friendship struck. Ryan mentions that he was fast drawn in by Taylor’s beauty and intelligence. he however quickly at that it was cooking skills that that made him fall the food blogger. It all started When Shayna Taylor, a chef by profession, mentioned that she was excellent in making gluten-free pancakes and Ryan fell for it. In the months that followed the two would realize they shared more than love for food and each other, they also share the love for adventure.

Break and patch up

One year into dating Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor had some disagreements that led to a breakup. A few months later they would patch up and rekindle their love. According to Taylor, the few months of breaking up helped each one of them come to terms with the fact that they were mature and needed to handle disagreements differently. she adds that in order to keep what they have going on, they have embarked on a series of mutually shared interests.

For instance, Ryan mentions that the two are always finding ways to spend more time with each other despite his busy schedule. one of these includes waking up a few hours before the start of his day so that they can have an hour or two of engaging in mutual activities. These often include cooking jogging or hitting the gym and doing a host of exercises together.

Moving to New York

In 2017, Ryan was tapped to host ABC’s morning show live with Kelly and Ryan. This effectively meant that the couple had to make a cross-country move from Los Angeles, California to New York. even for business, such a move can be considered life-changing for many but Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Taylor argue that it was possibly the best thing that has happened so far in the life as it has brought them even much closer.

About Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has made himself a name in the entertainment industry with his popular daily morning drive show live with Kelly and Ryan. He is also a successful entrepreneur with interests in the film production and fashion industries. He has gone on to establish an award-winning production house as well as an equally successful men’s clothing line.