Lime Crime, the Color Show Stopper!

Doe Deere has stepped onto the beauty scene with amazing color concepts! The creative entrepreneur, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics is challenging the makeup marketplace with unconventional, vivacious, bold shades. Her line offers eyeshadows, an array of liquid liners, high impact lip glosses, loose pigments, and relevant lipsticks. Her entrepreneurial prowess began back in 2004 when she launched her first online eBay store. The digital store comprised of her DIY creative ensembles. Here, she modeled her own high-fashion line and envisioned the brand to be the ultimate attention getter. Not pleased with the makeup colors that were trending, she began styling, crafting, and mixing her own palettes. This added an emboldened flair to her couture concept. So much so that she fostered a blog that provided directions on how to wear and apply her robust cosmetics. Rapidly, she gained three million Instagram followers.


The Lime Crime exclusive makeup collection had been born; it launched by 2008. Doe Deere initially sold eyeshadows, glitter, primers, various hues of blush, and quality makeup application brushes-prices started at a nominal amount of $12. The brand began to boom in 2009. Businesswoman Doe Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she studied fashion design and illustration. Her educational career was short-lived as she pushed into the fashion industry with the creation of her eBay shop named ‘limecrime’. Ms. Deere has always been passionate about creativity and lots and lots of color. Now, she has discovered a world where she and the realm of color have no boundaries.


Her business successes derived from listening to what her customers need. Ms. Deere quickly transpired her customer’s wants and needs into a well-sought-after product line. She takes pride in pioneering vegan, cruelty-free products with vibrant flair. One of her biggest decisions a few months ago was choosing the right lab to formulate her compilation. Doe Deere’s focus was aligned with finding a chemist that shared her vision and having the ability to select her colors.


Lime Crime has enabled her to support select charities such as Girls Inc., Sanctuary For Families, Adopt New York and the Bideawee Animal Shelter, to name a few. Her values are closely aligned with the diverse causes that she champion. She undoubtedly leads in front of the cosmetics market with unapologetic, fashion-forward, confident, and audacious color. Hence came the name, Lime Crime. The brand itself was inspired by her passionate creativity and a sense of whimsical fairy-like style. You may notice that her brand’s identity reflect her deliberate sense of pizzazz and boldness. The unicorn has been referenced as the company‚Äôs mascot. Doe Deere expresses that their mascot embodies rarity, beauty, and a benevolent consideration towards animals. Lime Crime has introduced it’s latest line called Alchemy which brings daring colors of coppers, purples, and greens together in a swirled design. Other creative collections from the brand are on the rise. Lime Crime has postured itself as a ground-breaking company in today’s beauty community.


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