The Best Treatment for Patients of Chronic Lung Disease

Most people today have heard of stem cell therapy. Many know that it is a newer treatment with promising results that can treat or even cures diseases and other conditions that save many people’s lives. However, most are confused about what stem cells are exactly. Stem cells are cells that have the ability to form into any other cell such as an organ, tissue, or even bone. If you were to place a stem cell next to an injury anywhere in the body, it will copy the genetic material in the healthy cells surrounding it and begin multiplying.

The Lung Institute utilizes those amazing characteristics and nature of stem cells by offering autologous stem cell therapy. There are many ways to harvest stem cells, however, autologous means that the stem cells will come from the patient’s blood or bone marrow. Both methods of extracting the cells are minimally invasive and considered to be very safe.

According to PR Web, the next step for those who will use the blood venous route is a filtration process that separates the stem cells from all other cells that have been collected. The final step is to inject the concentration of stem cells into the bloodstream. As the heart pumps and circulates blood flow, the stem cells will find their way to the lungs. A pulmonary trap will occur restricting the movement of the stem cells from leaving the lungs and the process of replicating other cells of the lung tissues will begin.

The Lung Institute has several treatment centers located from coast to coast throughout the United States. Unless you live close to one, you should be prepared to stay in town for your treatment for at least three days as that’s the average duration of most patients treatment. The Lung Institute takes pride in working with the most qualified and experienced physicians and staff members at all locations in both treating and assisting patients with lung disease. The first step to becoming a patient is to contact a patient coordinator to schedule your free consultation. The consultation will give you a better idea of what to expect during the treatment, what to expect in means of results, and whether you qualify for stem cell therapy. Check out their Facebook page for more information.