OG Juan Perez is a Part of the Celebration

New Album Success

Fans are calling the latest release from the Carters, Everything Is Love, the album of the summer. It is the final release of the trilogy that began with BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade album. Jay takes this time to celebrate the success as well as recognize the friends they’ve been able to share the success with. Jay has been referencing his most important people throughout his entire career, and who he’s speaking of are his cousins, friends from childhood, and the moguls behind the scenes.

Mentioning Of Friends

Ty Ty is one of people Jay mentioned often as well as on the Everything Is Love album and he has been working behind the scenes of Roc Nation since it started. OG Juan Perez is another one of Jay’s best buddies and he is the Roc Nation Sport President. Emory Jones is a lifelong friend and cousin of Jay who was arrested in 2000 for drug trafficking. Jay was able to get Emory free in 2016 by writing a work release plea to the judge. Emory is still out today and runs Roc Apparel Group. Jay Brown is the Cofounder & CEO of Roc Nation, he and JAY-Z worked together at Def Ham before Roc Nation was created.

VIP Mention

One of the most frequently mentioned names throughout Jay’s songs throughout his career are those of OG Juan Perez and his wife Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez. OG met Jay in ’96 through Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem Burke. OG worked with Jay from then on sharing several business ventures such as Roc-La-Familia record label and the 40/40 club. Their love of sports blossomed into Roc Nation Sports.

Footing The Bill

OG Juan and the Roc Nation crew gained public recognition when they celebrated OG Juan’s birthday and came up with a $91,000 bar tab. Apparently that was Juan’s bill. Jay lives by the rule that you make you haven’t made it until your friends have made it. He has worked hard to make sure his friends have more than a mention in a song. They all now have their own success stories to tell.


Alex Pall Says Halsey Is Incredible; Talks About His Career

“Closer” by The Chainsmokers features Halsey. The song itself is sang by Halsey and Andrew Taggart, and it is about a young couple.

This song was pivotal for the careers of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers are a production duo who typically only created the music of their songs; they relied on other artists to provide the vocals. “Closer” was just the first song to feature Andrew Taggart singing.

It actually isn’t typical for a member of a production team to sing on their own song. Typically the allure to seeing a production/DJ team live is seeing dance music performed live and in real-time. In fact, the Chainsmokers were arguably the most popular DJ team for several years; with Andrew Taggart providing words to their music they will likely reach new heights.

When “Closer” was released Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had an interview at Interview Magazine. The interviewer asked questions regarding topics that ranged from their future in the music industry to their origin stories.

Alex Pall spoke first, explaining to the interviewer that he originally saw DJing as a hobby. He was working around New York and making money, but his band mate left him. Pall explained that he noticed music was taking over his life, so he thought he should give music a real try. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart.

Taggart was in Maine at the time, going to University, interning at Interscope, and DJings on the side. Due to his relationships at Interscope, he was able to meet Alex Pall and begin making music.

Halsey eventually came up during the interview. The interviewer asked what Halsey was like and Pall replied: “She’s incredible.” Alex Pall told the interviewer that Halsey was number 1 on their list of artists to work with. Pall also said that Halsey was a unique artist.