Review of the Champion EOS Lip Balm Flavors and Texture

There are a number of videos that review EOS Lip Balm. One only needs to type it into a search engine, and one finds a myriad of videos about EOS Lip Balm. You can find a number of them on your favorite video channel.

We discovered a comparison video in which EOS was compared with stick lip balms. The most exciting thing about EOS is the fact that it’s round and not flat, and it glides onto the lips evenly and smoothly, leaving your lips cool and moist, with the flavor you have had in mind.

And that’s the next thing that was discussed: the myriad of flavors available with EOS Lip Balms. When we decided to review this lip balm and referred to a number of videos, the most important things about EOS Lip Balm was that it was found to be more conveniently shaped, held more in the container, and it came in flavor one can only imagine. It always glides on with taste and light color, and it leave the lips fresh and softly glowing with just the right amount of gloss and texture.

Coming in a wide variety of colors and flavors, EOS Lip Balms are talked about with excitement and complete confidence.

Particularly exciting was the gentle mint flavors that other lip balms seemed to lack. EOS comes out as the champion in color, flavor, texture, and overall convenience.