How the Ushealth group is winning by Helping People Daily

US Health Group is a firm based in Fort Worth Texas which provides innovative life, specified disease/sickness accident and disability insurance for individuals, families and small business. US Health has been in existence for over 50 years and has served more than 15million people.

The group consists of two companies, Freedom life insurance, and National Foundation life insurance company. The group endeavors to provide tailor-made insurance solutions for each of its customers. They ensure flexibility, affordability, and reliability in their products.

The group has a portfolio of well-structured products to cater for those with a limited budget or those concerned about high deductibles. They offer group products for who wish to cost share that is flexible and reliable.

The group is up to date with technology, and offer reliable online services that allows one to research on their products, they also advise and suggest ways one can save and they have a help center that operates day and night. They also offer you an option of getting a quote from their online portal ensuring convenience.

They also have a team of specialists who are well versed in the insurance industry and have received various accolades over the years, the staff is dedicated and always willing to help. Learn more about USHealth Group: and

The group offers a range of products which include premier choice which is a cover that allows you to see the doctor of your choice, and has single step up riders, double step up riders and gives you 24hours coverage.

The secure advantage which allows you to move with wherever you go in case of a job change,24 hours coverage, locks in your rates for 12-36months.They also have secure dental, premier vision, med guard, life protector accident protector, income protector and essential health benefits.

US Health Group whose mission is hope which stands for helping other people every day started an initiative to help the communities around them. Their first initiative was partnering with Phoenix of New Orleans to help the people that had been affected by hurricane Katrina. They rebuild homes in areas that had been most affected by the hurricane.

In 2011 they donated towards the crisis nursery a children shelter in Phoenix. The community has continued to offer community services to the people around them. US Health was honored as a Gold winner in the annual 2017 CEO world awards for corporate social responsibility initiative.