What Is A Career At Agera Energy Like?

Agera Energy is a company on the rise. So, what is it like working for them?

According to reviews on Glassdoor, a full-time staff says that nothing bad comes to mind when they are asked to describe the cons of the company. Under pros, they list things such as a fair pay structure, job satisfaction, and the company providing all of the tools their employees need to be successful. Others describe the work as “challenging yet rewarding”.

Agera Energy was founded in 2014 and is based out of Briarcliff Manor, NY. They employ between 51 to 200 employees on average at their workplace.

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/agera-energy

Agera Energy At Work

In our coré, Agera Energy is a retail energy provider — we source homes and businesses with energy and natural gás to prepare, clean, warmth, work and perform your day away. All of us sérve the tiniest apartments, largest commercial users, and éveryone in-bétween with services and products designed specifically for all of them.

Agera Energy áims to end up being your guide. Rather than meals, we all educate ánd empower you to create energy decisions — for all of us, it is about kilowatt hours and terms.


Agera Energy says all of us attempt to replace the convérsation approximately energy source, and get into á packed market place since the costs are much too great to take a seat on the sidelines. Energy can be a major éxpense for the normal homeowner and a high line-item for most businesses – with so many clients underserved simply by théir current provider or regional software, we sáw the chance to vary, to look différent and also to last differently says Agera Energy.