Edwin Miranda Takes Marketing To Another Level

Edwin Miranda is a unique CEO who brings talent from different people in different careers together. This is what builds his strong team at KOIIXS. The CEO of KOI IXS has taken marketing to another level, where he has introduced programmatic advertising that is meant for online marketers. Most marketers have embraced the digital marketing platform which has proved to be very convenient in advertising their products.

With people globally using social media, this new method of digital marketing is becoming more popular. People using devices such as cell phones, can use the programme to market their goods which will have a significant market globally if well placed and advertised. The Chief Executive Officer, who is very passionate about his work, has helped people globally achieve their dreams by ensuring that their items move fast to reach their consumers.

Edwin Miranda boasts of a team that is highly dedicated and creative. They strategize on marketing and bring together ideas that produce high quality work. The new technology has been an added advantage to the team. This is because they can get fast feedback from the target customers, unlike before when they only speculated about the reception of a product.

Edwin ensures that he is more productive by starting his day early. He believes that ideas are born in the early hours and consequently customers are won in the early morning hours. He advises entrepreneurs to always learn from the mistakes that they have done and to be bold enough to take risks. He goes ahead to urge them to have a checklist of things that they are supposed to accomplish each day. By doing this, one is assured of success without wavering from setting goals. Edwin goes ahead to suggest that it is always wise for an entrepreneur to entrust duties to qualified staff members so that the business can run smoothly.

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Steve Young’s Firm HGGC

HGGC is an investment equities firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California, specializing in leveraged buyouts and growth investments; it was founded in 2007 by former NFL great Steve Young and several other businessmen. The firm has participated in roughly 19 billion dollars worth of transactions since it began.

HGGC looks for mid-market companies to invest in that they believe can be enhanced in value; they are all about using their expertise and contacts to form partnerships with founders, sponsors, management groups and others. Their philosophy is that the time for creativity, innovation and growth is now, and they believe that the combined talents of multiple people can create a whole greater than the sum of its parts and that equity value will follow.

CEO Rich Lawson

While the best-known member of the HGGC team is Steve Young, the CEO of the firm is Rich Lawson. Along with Young, he is a co-founder and has been involved with the company at every stage from inception to today. Outside of work, he is a generous philanthropist.

HGGC works with General Atlantic

HGGC is merging its backed company MyWebGrocer, which it acquired in 2013, with General Atlantic-backed company Mi9 Retail. Mi9 develops software that retailers can use to give their customers an integrated in-store and online experience; clients of the merged firm will include major brands Nike, Samsonite, Saks Fifth Avenue and others.

The merger is being done to give companies a chance in the fight against Amazon, which dominates online retailing largely because of their enormous research and development budget. With Mi9 software, companies have a better chance of being able to survive a “retail apocalypse” scenario such as the one iconic retailer Sears faced recently when it filed for bankruptcy.

The team at HGGC believes that retail is at a tipping point where it could become totally dominated by Amazon, and they are fighting back. Mi9 not only provides a user-friendly and unified customer-service experience, it provides retailers with valuable analytics and data. In short, it’s everything they need to sell online and through traditional cash-register transacting.


Agera Energy At Work

In our coré, Agera Energy is a retail energy provider — we source homes and businesses with energy and natural gás to prepare, clean, warmth, work and perform your day away. All of us sérve the tiniest apartments, largest commercial users, and éveryone in-bétween with services and products designed specifically for all of them.

Agera Energy áims to end up being your guide. Rather than meals, we all educate ánd empower you to create energy decisions — for all of us, it is about kilowatt hours and terms.


Agera Energy says all of us attempt to replace the convérsation approximately energy source, and get into á packed market place since the costs are much too great to take a seat on the sidelines. Energy can be a major éxpense for the normal homeowner and a high line-item for most businesses – with so many clients underserved simply by théir current provider or regional software, we sáw the chance to vary, to look différent and also to last differently says Agera Energy.

James Dondero Looks to Make His Adopted Home Town Better

When James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in the early 1990s, he made Dallas his new home. But the city did not just become the place where he lived. Dondero had a desire to make Dallas the best city possible for all its residents. To that end, he has involved himself and Highland in numerous charitable endeavors. One of the most effective ways James Dondero helps out the people of Dallas is thanks to his relationship with Mary Jalonick, the President and CEO of The Dallas Foundation.

Through their partnership, they formed Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., with Dondero committing nearly $3 million annually to charitable causes. Much of their focus is on veterans, education, and health care. James Dondero’s philanthropic efforts have also led him to contribute money to The Family Place, which aids men who are victims of domestic violence. James Dondero’s involvement in this cause came as a result of a plea from both Dallas’s mayor and one of its former police chiefs for the community to do more to combat domestic violence.

Because of Dondero’s efforts, the Family Place became the first domestic violence shelter in Texas with services geared specifically toward men and their children. Dondero’s philanthropy has extended to the Dallas Zoo. Following the death of the zoo’s hippopotamus, the habitat was shut down. But Dondero donated $1 million for upgrades to be made to the habitat so the zoo can bring in another hippo. Other features of the habitat include the Highland Hippo Hut to educate zoo visitors on conservation efforts involving hippos.

Ashley Brasier Partners with Lightspeed

Ashley Brasier is a former category manager and Senior Associate Consultant at Thumbtack Inc. and Bain & Company respectively. She is currently a partner of Lightspeed Investment Partners, a capital firm that is involved in the consumer, technology, cleantech and enterprise businesses.

Lightspeed ventures Partners was established in the year 2000 with its main headquarters in Menlo, California as well as other offices in Beijing and Shanghai cities in China; New Delhi, India; and HerzeliaPituach, Israel. The founding members of Lightspeed were Barry Eggers, Christopher Schaepe, Peter Nieh and Ravi Mhatre.

Ashley Brasier grew up with an interest of becoming an architect like her father. Most of the time she spent with her father mastering the art of prototyping. Ashley also enrolled at Duke University to advance prototyping skills which made her prefer prototyping business ideas to real life situation. It’s after graduating she served as a consultant at Bain. After working for several years at Bain, she moved to Thumbtack Inc. as a Category Manager she was given the role of clients’ entertainment and experience in events and wedding categories. Read this article at Forbes to learn more about Ashley.

At Thumbtack, Ashley was exposed to venture capital. She attracted much interest to this industry because of its capability to foresee the uncertain and proven record of recognizing and providing support to the company ’s projects before they are established.

Ashley Brasier realized she needed financial capital to support herself and to achieve this she had to venture into several industries at once. She left Thumbtack and partnered with Lightspeed assisting entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to reality. As a member of Ashley Lightspeed consumer investment team, Ashley worked closely with starting up industries to define their growth strategy.

Ashley Lightspeed ventures focus in seed, early stage, expansion stage, the growth of industries and incubation and has specialized in financing debt for starting up and developing an already grown company.

Learn more: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/06/lightspeed-hires-5-new-partners-from-slack-twitter-and-more/


A Major Breakthrough for Innovacare with Rich Shinto and Penelope Kekkinides in Top Management

InnovaCare Health offers a unique definition of contribution as a principal of insurance. It is a health, fitness and wellness company that is located in Fort Lee, Puerto Rico that has already managed an approximate of 500 000 lives as well as 100000 beneficiaries of double insurance through its subsidiary companies.

It is a health care provider that prides itself with the ability to implement and create innovations that offer value to healthcare. It has so far integrated different portfolios in different ecosystems with varied markets offering medical services, health plan services, clinical services and more.

All the Innovacare achievements are attributed to Rick Shinto and Penelope Kekkinides. Rick Shinto is the current CEO and president of Innovacare Health while his counterpart Penelope Kekkinides is the (CAO) the chief administrative officer.

Rick Shinto has acquired a massive 20-year experience in the medical industry. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto had worked at Aveta Inc where he served in the department of management.

He won the Access to Caring award for contributing towards making an impact in the advancement of medical access provision of healthcare to individuals who don’t deserve it.

In July 2016, Innovacare health Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto made its major announcement that it was going to add three executive leadership position in their management hierarchy. These were The chief Actuary Officer, the Chief administrative officer, and the Chief Accounting Officer.

Penelope Kekkinides is now holding the Chief Administrative position. Penelope Kekkinides before joining Innovacare Health was serving as a chief officer operation at Aveta, Inc.

Two people (Rick Shinto and Penelope Kekkinides) brought together with the same goals, ambitions, and ideas for achievement, therefore, met during this process.

And after the three leadership positions were filled, this innovating health-based company, with the help of the two minds and their entire team in 2nd August, 2016 made their second major announcement that they were pleased with participating in the Learning and Action Network (LAN) payment method and that they were going to join HHS Initiative in making reforms in this payment model.

This mode of payment was going to impact the United States of America in the sense that would change the States’ healthcare system based on the metric of quality rather than quantity.

Actually, InnovaCare Health can be defined as a reputable organization that is based on model generation and technological advancements offering affordable and high-quality services.


Have you borrowed from GreenSky?

Anyone looking for loans for home improvement projects must have come across the name GreenSky. This leader in the online lending industry has been making headlines for various reasons. Over the years, the company has seen a steady rise in the number of clients. In addition to that, their loans are among the most demanded in the online category. So, what is their secret? Let us find out.

Their operation style

The GreenSky operation style is a unique one. Unlike most online lenders who stick to stringent requirements, this company chose to make things easy for their customers. For instance, it is possible to apply for a loan and get it on the spot. It is this urgency that enables them to wade off competition. When you need a vital source of funds, you will always go to the company that does it the fastest.

Their costs

You may be happy to get that money to complete home improvement projects. However, have you asked yourself about the charges that you will have to incur? Some companies will charge you high-interest rates, but not GreenSky. With this company, you can leverage on some of their regular offers to get affordable loans. You will notice that they regularly open their doors to zero-interest lending. This allowance can be between six and sixty months depending on the terms.

Their customer relations

They say a satisfied customer is the biggest asset a business can ever have. GreenSky best utilizes this concept. The company has one of the best customer support systems. Considering that everything is online-based, you should expect them to be fast and efficient. In addition to that, they have managed to bring more customers on board, and that is the reason they have issued loans exceeding $10 billion. Few companies can come close to this, especially those that are based online.

With GreenSky online lending for home improvement projects, you have a financial partner that has your back covered. Positive reviews from their customers tell it all. If you want to enjoy such efficiency, visit their website today and get money to complete those stalled projects.


How David McDonald is Steering OSI Group to Conquer Global Markets

As an ambitious man growing up in the farm fields of Iowa, the current COO and president of OSI Group, David McDonald, started developing a liking for everything that involved agriculture. His time in the farms served him right; his love and passion for agriculture grew day by day, and he swore to one day make an impact in the sector. All these time, his parents were keenly watching, and although they were not as rich, they at least ensured he got a quality education. He is an animal science expert having graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Iowa State University.

After graduating from college with a degree and a Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award, David McDonald was among the lucky ones as he immediately joined OSI industries. Though he started out in junior positions, David excelled in everything he touched. The hard work, integrity, and commitment started paying off as he began to rise through the leadership ranks. Today, David is the president as well as the chief operating office in one of America’s biggest conglomerates and earns a spot in the most revered executives in the meat sector.

OSI Group is one of the globes leading distributors and suppliers value-added products including sausage links, sandwiches, pizza, and beef patties. The global conglomerate operates in more than 17 countries around the world and runs over 50 operational plants including eight which are active in China. David McDonald believes that OSI Group has the potential and capabilities of overtaking other companies and becoming the dominant processor and distributor of poultry products in China and the Asian continent as a whole.

Other than the global operations in China and other parts, David McDonald has seen OSI invest in other several projects. Back in 2012, David played a critical role in the expansion of the beef processing plant in Poland, and construction of an ultra-modern processing factory in India. He also oversaw the opening of a modern feed mill in Shandong province, China, which has the capability of processing over 600,000 metric tons of feed annually.

David McDonald has grand plans for OSI Group, and this is shown by the recent acquisitions the company is making. The purchase of Flagship Europe, a significant player in Europe’s meat market, and Baho Foods, a supplier of convenient foods, deli meats, and snacks based in the Netherlands shows how he is committed to conquering the European market. He believes that the two acquisitions will significantly complement the existing product catalog.

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Stream Energy: The Power of Philanthropy

One of the most admirable qualities of a business is one that values its customers in a genuine way. Stream Energy is a prime example of a company which puts the needs of their clients and those in the community higher than required. They are a successful clean energy company, but they pride themselves as a generous philanthropy organization. As many are aware, Hurricane Harvey took no prisoners as it rampaged its way through Texas, and left many after the flooding of their homes to seek alternative shelters and resources.

Stream Energy took pride in donating to the Hope supply company to ensure that the needs of struggling Americans in the Dallas area were met and more. By supporting the Hope foundation, they were able to provide food, clothes, and school supplies to the struggling children of families who were unfortunate to be in the path of the storm and feel its ramifications. Many were struggling and continue to struggle after the decimation the storm brought on people’s lives without warning. Stream Energy showed they cared by being prompt to act and were among the first responders to help the recovery effort.

Not only did they provide money, but also emotional support for the people they take pride in servicing throughout their years. It is an intensely personal act of kindness which speaks for itself. This isn’t the first act of generosity they have shown. Stream Energy also supported the recovery of homes and people who lost everything to tornadoes by partnering with the Salvation Army and others. Stream Energy prides themselves in being a very personable company which cares deeply for the well-being of their clients, both with clean energy and their capacity to give back to the community which makes their success possible. Their mentality is sharp-witted and has a true sense of empathy which can be a rare quality in today’s business world. This makes Stream Energy stand out from the crowd in that their people are empathetic towards the needs of others. They have and will continue to support their community through the giving of funds and partnerships.


Sahm Adrangi: Still Highly Activated With Short Activism

Sahm Adrangi is actively awake and looking out for his investors so they can sleep peacefully

Going back into the early days of Sahm Adrangi’s initial forays within the world of hedge-fund investing; Sahm and his teammates worked diligently at reading between the lines when it came to examining a particular company or brand on the market.

Like CSI investigators, Sahm Adrangi and his staff, now under the umbrella of the investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital, that Sahm founded in 2009, never seemed to take a suspect company’s thesis at face value; whether performing poorly or well.

Sahm Adrangi’s renowned activism, termed short-activism in hedge-fund circles, was initially discovered by many in the world of investments when he began to investigate what were alleged fraudulent Chinese companies that were able to enter the US market. In 2010, Sahm Adrangi aggressively revealed these firm’s irregularities while shorting their stock value in kind.

With Sahm and his colleagues at Kerrisdale Capital’s constant due diligence, they continue to look into irregularities for companies whose portfolio and thesis appear initially suspect, or as Adrangi puts it, “dislocated”.

Sahm and Kerrisdale Capital altogether do not appear to be slowing down anytime soon to count their own earnings. Instead, they continue onward with this activism so that they can do an even better job at helping their investors. When clients invest in a diligent company, they earn more and keep it in the long run and this would obviously be a win-win for hedge-fund managers, their clients and even regulators.

Be it a biotech firm not taking the time and effort to itemize data on testing results, a real-estate company over-valuing its holdings in a current housing boom, or an ad-tech firm’s inability to gauge accurate revenue numbers due to false responses generated by bots for example, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital are there to sift and drill deeper into the details and the noise; actively at work while their investors can sleep peacefully knowing that someone is looking out for them; even in a presently bull-ish market.