Edwin Miranda Takes Marketing To Another Level

Edwin Miranda is a unique CEO who brings talent from different people in different careers together. This is what builds his strong team at KOIIXS. The CEO of KOI IXS has taken marketing to another level, where he has introduced programmatic advertising that is meant for online marketers. Most marketers have embraced the digital marketing platform which has proved to be very convenient in advertising their products.

With people globally using social media, this new method of digital marketing is becoming more popular. People using devices such as cell phones, can use the programme to market their goods which will have a significant market globally if well placed and advertised. The Chief Executive Officer, who is very passionate about his work, has helped people globally achieve their dreams by ensuring that their items move fast to reach their consumers.

Edwin Miranda boasts of a team that is highly dedicated and creative. They strategize on marketing and bring together ideas that produce high quality work. The new technology has been an added advantage to the team. This is because they can get fast feedback from the target customers, unlike before when they only speculated about the reception of a product.

Edwin ensures that he is more productive by starting his day early. He believes that ideas are born in the early hours and consequently customers are won in the early morning hours. He advises entrepreneurs to always learn from the mistakes that they have done and to be bold enough to take risks. He goes ahead to urge them to have a checklist of things that they are supposed to accomplish each day. By doing this, one is assured of success without wavering from setting goals. Edwin goes ahead to suggest that it is always wise for an entrepreneur to entrust duties to qualified staff members so that the business can run smoothly.

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JD.com Releases a New Report Outlining their Goals

JD .com is a Chinese company that was established in 1998 by Liu Qiangdong. It is also referred to as Jingdong and its headquarters are in Beijing, China. Formerly, this company was called 360buy, before it was changed to JD.com in 2013. Jingdong is a B2C e-commerce company that began as a magnetic-optical store done online, and later expanded and started selling electronic products like computers and mobile phones. It’s the leading company in high technology and AI in terms of robots, drones and autonomous technology. It also owns the world’s largest drone system with best infrastructure as well as capability. This company has a partnership with Tencent that owns 20% of JD.com’s stake.

In early 2019, JD.com announced their new social responsibility report about their commitment and dedication in giving back to the community. The report shows JD’s accomplishments as from 2013 which outlines the importance of innovation and empowerment to companies. It also illustrates the engineering of every part of the company to delivering a positive impact to the community globally. The company’s leverage, its ‘giving platform’ makes it possible for provision of secure channel to link consumers or customers who need supplies with respective organizations. This has greatly helped in increasing transparency and efficiency in China and other countries. Richard Liu, Jingdong’s founder and current CEO believes that the company’s influence goes beyond their network that constitutes a population of 300+ million active users. He says that their responsibility is to make sure the company conducts a business that will positively impact the society.

This is the reason JD.com continuous sharing their skills and resources and looking out for innovations from their employees, clients and partners to bring some improvements to the society. Apart from that, the report demonstrates main 17 main areas being undertaken by JD.com including poverty eradication, providing quality education and clean energy among others. As described in the CSR report, Jingdong has launched a bunch of charity programs by supporting social innovations, protecting the environment, preventing and management of disasters and helping the less fortunate in the society. The company is currently creating sustainable projects that will help people globally.

Alex Hern in technological advancement

Alex Hern is a great entrepreneur as well as an expert in technology. Because of his great skills he has been able to work in many great technology companies such as Goldman Sach which was a search technology for great companies like Yahoo and MSL, Yesmail which acted as a marketing website and also the Military Commercial Technology which worked as a technological company for the military.

He gained a lot of experience while working for the companies and his business success built a great name for him. Alex Hern was recently involved in the founding of Tsunami XR which is a company that has built a great name for itself in the field of technology. He was inspired by the great changes in the technology world which called for an improvement in technological devices.

The company has been able to incorporate creativity in designing great technologically advanced devices which have been highly appreciated by people. The company has been able in combining real and virtual reality in their great technologically advanced devices to give their clients an experience like no other. As the Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR, expert Alex Hern will be able to take the company to greater heights in the future.


What Is A Career At Agera Energy Like?

Agera Energy is a company on the rise. So, what is it like working for them?

According to reviews on Glassdoor, a full-time staff says that nothing bad comes to mind when they are asked to describe the cons of the company. Under pros, they list things such as a fair pay structure, job satisfaction, and the company providing all of the tools their employees need to be successful. Others describe the work as “challenging yet rewarding”.

Agera Energy was founded in 2014 and is based out of Briarcliff Manor, NY. They employ between 51 to 200 employees on average at their workplace.

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/agera-energy

Genucel and Women Aware boosts Self-Esteem for Women

Many people after being physically abused their self-esteem tend to go down. They become ashamed and seclude themselves as they are afraid of what others will say. Most domestic violence is as a result of drug abuse, stress, anger issues among other things. At times victims do not only suffer from physical pain they suffer emotionally and is they don’t find someone to open up to their stress can pile up leading to depression. It’s not easy to know if a person is physically abused but if you are aware of the symptoms you can tell. Most victims wear heavy clothes to cover up their bruises; they tend to walk alone and do not like talking about themselves. Many abused people commit suicide due to lack of support.




Genucel introduced their company to help the victims of abuse. They have employed a group of experts to guide the victims on how they can raise their self-esteem, and realize their worth. Genucel mental health professionals work hand in hand with their clients to ensure that they understand them and what they are going through. They do not judge them in; instead, they recommend various significant self-care routines to help them heal their physical and emotional pain after experiencing systemic abuse.


Professionals at Genucel recommend self-care routines which include reminding the survivors of how much they are worth, loved, and beautiful. These affirmations include providing the survivors with beauty products to ensure that their bruises are covered. Genucel products help to heal damaged skin, aged skin and give people a smooth skin with fewer wrinkles.


Genucel by Chamonix company has adopted the use of advanced PhotoCellTech technology that is very efficient at reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well as the divots on the skin. PhotoCellTec is made from a natural Domestica plant thus has no side effects on the user. This technology gives the user appearance they desire hence boosting their self-esteem and removes the remainders of how they were being abused.


Genucel has partnered with Women Aware association to create awareness to women on how they can flee from abuse and regain their self-esteem. Women Aware association has established a landline as well as a website through which they create awareness among the women. They also have offices where abused women can go to and seek advice. Over the years Women Aware association provides shelter and health support to the abuse victims. Read more about Genucel on quora.com






Serge Belamant Career Highlights

Serge belamant was born in France, 1953. When he was 14 years, his family decided to move to South Africa. It was difficult for him, but he adjusted to living in the country. He learned how to read and write in English and enrolled in school. He is a giant name in the technological invention. He attended Highlands North High School. His academic performance was impressive. He joined the rugby team and chess club.

Serge Belamant represented his school in chess championships and was number six. He was named the head prefect in 1972 because of good grades and manners. Despite having good grades, no one envisioned what he could turn out in the future.

Belamant joined Witwatersrand University to study engineering but changed to computer science. He switched to information systems in the third year. When he learned that Witwatersrand could transfer his credits to the University of South Africa where he was studying, he dropped out. He worked for several firms such as Matrix, Cybernet and ESKOM. He also worked on IBM computers, developed graphics interfaces, and analyzed systems.

Serge Belamant started his company called Zilch Technology Limited. The company created a blockchain technology in 1989. Belamant used smart cards in the creation. It enabled low-cost banking and promoted security. Initially, banks complained of inaccuracies, and loss of data. Blockchain technology revolutionized banking by promoting efficiency. It does not need central computers and can be used offline. Moreover, it can be used as a debit card.

Serge Belamant holds the patent for the technology. He was once considered the Bill Gates of South Africa. The invention earned him fame and praise. His inventions are important in the finance sector. He was the first person to implement blockchain technologies, and creating cryptocurrencies. The technology helps investors, governments and banks process investment activities. It is fast and reliable.

Furthermore, the technology allows withdrawals to payments in special circumstances. Records are linked with cryptography. Blockchain technology helps financial institutions analyze and store ledgers. It was created to increase transparency and data security in institutions. Serge Belamant is credited for helping individuals and investors track investment information.

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Steve Young’s Firm HGGC

HGGC is an investment equities firm headquartered in Palo Alto, California, specializing in leveraged buyouts and growth investments; it was founded in 2007 by former NFL great Steve Young and several other businessmen. The firm has participated in roughly 19 billion dollars worth of transactions since it began.

HGGC looks for mid-market companies to invest in that they believe can be enhanced in value; they are all about using their expertise and contacts to form partnerships with founders, sponsors, management groups and others. Their philosophy is that the time for creativity, innovation and growth is now, and they believe that the combined talents of multiple people can create a whole greater than the sum of its parts and that equity value will follow.

CEO Rich Lawson

While the best-known member of the HGGC team is Steve Young, the CEO of the firm is Rich Lawson. Along with Young, he is a co-founder and has been involved with the company at every stage from inception to today. Outside of work, he is a generous philanthropist.

HGGC works with General Atlantic

HGGC is merging its backed company MyWebGrocer, which it acquired in 2013, with General Atlantic-backed company Mi9 Retail. Mi9 develops software that retailers can use to give their customers an integrated in-store and online experience; clients of the merged firm will include major brands Nike, Samsonite, Saks Fifth Avenue and others.

The merger is being done to give companies a chance in the fight against Amazon, which dominates online retailing largely because of their enormous research and development budget. With Mi9 software, companies have a better chance of being able to survive a “retail apocalypse” scenario such as the one iconic retailer Sears faced recently when it filed for bankruptcy.

The team at HGGC believes that retail is at a tipping point where it could become totally dominated by Amazon, and they are fighting back. Mi9 not only provides a user-friendly and unified customer-service experience, it provides retailers with valuable analytics and data. In short, it’s everything they need to sell online and through traditional cash-register transacting.


Neurocore: A brief History

Neurocore, LLC is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This company launched in 2002. Neurocore is a diagnostic and treatment center providing brain-based, data-driven diagnostics to treat adults and children to sleep better, improve concentration, and improve concentration. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurocore has also made ground-breaking therapy that has made amazing differences for their clients. Neurocore uses the neurofeedback therapy which is centered on the thought of controlling and equipping waves or em signals that come out of the brain. Individuals may gain relief in headaches or gain enhancement in their moods. With the neurofeedback therapy, there is currently no evidence that this treatment cures autism; however, there are signs of significant improvement when clients use the proven autistic treatment program, according to recent reports from Neurocore. Also, in the Neurocore 2016 research, significant improvement occurred for clients suffering from depression, fear, and ADHD. The report came from an internal data analysis resulted from the before-and-after neurosciences’ results upon the completion of the 30-session program.

The Achenbach’s (ASEBA) evaluated the clients of Neurocore. ASEBA is a behavior research collection that evaluates before-and-after results of processing each client strengths, skills, behavioral problem, and adaptive function. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


Neurocore has been going strong for 16 years now for treating adults and children to sleep better, improve concentration, improve concentration, and more. Neurocore is a diagnostic and treatment center providing brain-based, data-driven diagnostics. Their site is www.theneurocore.com, their phone number is 800-600-4096, and their fax number is 800-606-8839. This company works hard to continually help their clients with ADHD, child ADHD, teen ADHD, adult ADHD, anxiety, ASD, depression, migraines, sleep, stress, memory boot camp, and athletes. And as a result, Neurocore has gained tons of satisfied clients. They take pride in their work, so contact them today.

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Michael Nierenberg Uses Expert Advice to Help Investment Clients

When Michael Nierenberg started creating different investment opportunities with his various businesses, he knew there were options that would help him show people how they could get different experiences. He also wanted to make sure he showed the companies he worked for how he was doing everything the right way. It was important to Michael Nierenberg to do this so he could make sure people understood how hard he was working and what he did to make the industry better. Michael Nierenberg always wanted to show different people the positive ways they could make a difference so they didn’t have to worry about the issues that would happen when he started working to give them more investment opportunities. It was also his goal to help people see they could get different opportunities based on the hard work they put into making their own business better.

Even when Michael Nierenberg started working with investment companies, he had a lot of hope for the way he could do things in the future. If he could make things easier for any of his clients, he’d do everything he could to have an impact on the work they did. He would also help other businesses succeed through the investment opportunities he created for them. It was his goal to always focus on changes and focus on giving people the help they needed through their own business opportunities.

As long as Michael Nierenberg continued giving people positive experiences in the industry, he felt he had a chance to make sure people could understand the way he worked. It was also important for Michael Nierenberg to show everyone they had a great job they could do so they could make everything better for themselves. By looking at these opportunities and helping people see what would make a difference, Michael Nierenberg knew he was doing the best job possible. He used this experience to help him focus on all the changes he could make to the industry. Even when he wasn’t working on his own options, he was pushing to make sure people understood him and did things the right way.

About Michael Nierenberg: www.newresi.com/about

Agera Energy At Work

In our coré, Agera Energy is a retail energy provider — we source homes and businesses with energy and natural gás to prepare, clean, warmth, work and perform your day away. All of us sérve the tiniest apartments, largest commercial users, and éveryone in-bétween with services and products designed specifically for all of them.

Agera Energy áims to end up being your guide. Rather than meals, we all educate ánd empower you to create energy decisions — for all of us, it is about kilowatt hours and terms.


Agera Energy says all of us attempt to replace the convérsation approximately energy source, and get into á packed market place since the costs are much too great to take a seat on the sidelines. Energy can be a major éxpense for the normal homeowner and a high line-item for most businesses – with so many clients underserved simply by théir current provider or regional software, we sáw the chance to vary, to look différent and also to last differently says Agera Energy.