Serge Belamant Career Highlights

Serge belamant was born in France, 1953. When he was 14 years, his family decided to move to South Africa. It was difficult for him, but he adjusted to living in the country. He learned how to read and write in English and enrolled in school. He is a giant name in the technological invention. He attended Highlands North High School. His academic performance was impressive. He joined the rugby team and chess club.

Serge Belamant represented his school in chess championships and was number six. He was named the head prefect in 1972 because of good grades and manners. Despite having good grades, no one envisioned what he could turn out in the future.

Belamant joined Witwatersrand University to study engineering but changed to computer science. He switched to information systems in the third year. When he learned that Witwatersrand could transfer his credits to the University of South Africa where he was studying, he dropped out. He worked for several firms such as Matrix, Cybernet and ESKOM. He also worked on IBM computers, developed graphics interfaces, and analyzed systems.

Serge Belamant started his company called Zilch Technology Limited. The company created a blockchain technology in 1989. Belamant used smart cards in the creation. It enabled low-cost banking and promoted security. Initially, banks complained of inaccuracies, and loss of data. Blockchain technology revolutionized banking by promoting efficiency. It does not need central computers and can be used offline. Moreover, it can be used as a debit card.

Serge Belamant holds the patent for the technology. He was once considered the Bill Gates of South Africa. The invention earned him fame and praise. His inventions are important in the finance sector. He was the first person to implement blockchain technologies, and creating cryptocurrencies. The technology helps investors, governments and banks process investment activities. It is fast and reliable.

Furthermore, the technology allows withdrawals to payments in special circumstances. Records are linked with cryptography. Blockchain technology helps financial institutions analyze and store ledgers. It was created to increase transparency and data security in institutions. Serge Belamant is credited for helping individuals and investors track investment information.

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