Rebel Wilson Isn’t It Romantic a Thrilling and Inspiring Comedy Film

The first trailer of the comedy film Isn’t It Romantic has just dropped and going by the looks of things this is one movie that rom-coms lovers will be obsessed with it. The film that stars Rebel Wilson as the led actress is not only a sure way of cracking up rom-com lovers but is also a game changer film for both men and women.

The trailer starts by showing us why Rebel Wilson who appears as Natalie hates romantic comedies. In a flashback, Natalie remembers her mother’s comments on how she looks and her telling her that girls like her are not the type that ends up getting their dream guy.

Natalie’s mother is then seen telling her that she should look herself in the mirror and that she is not Julia Roberts. In a nutshell, her mother is advising her to stop living in the fantasy world of romantic comedies. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Natalie, an architect by profession, is also not lucky at work as she is being looked down upon by her colleagues who think she is no better architect who can help with designs but instead should help serve coffee in the office.

However, things turned turtle for Natalie when she suddenly hit her head while running away from a mugging incident at the New York subway station. Natalie is knocked unconscious, and when she wakes up to her dismay, she finds herself living in a rom-com.

Natalie first meets Liam Hemsworth who appears in the film as Blake. Blake on seeing Natalie suddenly falls head over heels for her. Blake finds Natalie to be charming, smart and beautiful. Blake then asks Natalie whether she is feeling what he is feeling and in a classic Wilson fashion, she blatantly says no.

The film is a PG 13 movie and is set to premiere on the screens on the eve of the valentine’s day in 2019 and what a better way to celebrate the lovers day than have them watch a romantic comedy.

The film besides Wilson and Liam also stars the gorgeous Indian actress Priyanka Chopra who appears as a yoga ambassador. Also in the movie is the Pitch Perfect movie star Adam Devine who appears as Josh and in whom Natalie will also develop feelings for besides Blake. The trailer leaves us with the suspense of not knowing whether Natalie will end up with Blake or Josh.

Isn’t It Romantic will be officially launched in the US on February 14th by the leading American entertainment house the Warner Bros, and in the UK it will premiere on Netflix. The fantastic team behind the movie includes Todd Strauss-Schulson, Todd Garner, Gina Mathews, Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, Jon Brion, John Debney, and Katie Silberman among others.

Rebel Wilson the lead actress in the Movies is a renowned, celebrated Australian actress whose acting career began in the year 2003. Wilson attended the Australian Theatre for Young people where she graduated in 2003.

Immediately after her graduation Wilson landed acting roles and was featured in the famous comedy series known as Pizza and the Wedge. Besides acting Rebel Wilson is also a film writer and producer.

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