Herbalife Stock Growth

Herbalife for starters has a large product line that has even grown in the last year. They offer products in weight control, nutrition, energy boosts, and sports supplements. With this variety and the successful year Herbalife (HBL) had in 2018, success seems evident for this company in 2019. By adding over 50 new products last year, HBL has not only maintained their current customer base, but attracted new ones as well.

An example of the new products is an iced coffee. Coffee is a big market right now and this one from Herbalife Nutrition is high protein and considered to be better for the consumer health wise. This is just one way HBL is cornering the market of the health conscious. They are on track to release new flavors this year and specialize in specific taste trends in specific areas. HBL has been great about keeping up with customer preferences and the latest trends and also their direct selling concept has helped them market in ways other companies cannot.

While overall the industry of this type of product declined, Herbalife moved ahead with a strong third quarter. The company has not seen such growth since 2012. Another positive for this company is that they are know globally in over 90 countries. So they have done a great job getting their brand name out there.

With all these positives, the competition is still expected to be strong in 2019. There are a lot of companies promoting this type of product. However, Herbalife has been around for awhile and have proved they are not here today and gone tomorrow. Their selection of products reaches many types of markets and a wide range of consumers. With their worldwide reach there is so much potential. The new year looks good for HBL, getting high points from various equity research companies. Learn more about Herbalife, visit https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/HLF:US.


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