Ashley Brasier Partners with Lightspeed

Ashley Brasier is a former category manager and Senior Associate Consultant at Thumbtack Inc. and Bain & Company respectively. She is currently a partner of Lightspeed Investment Partners, a capital firm that is involved in the consumer, technology, cleantech and enterprise businesses.

Lightspeed ventures Partners was established in the year 2000 with its main headquarters in Menlo, California as well as other offices in Beijing and Shanghai cities in China; New Delhi, India; and HerzeliaPituach, Israel. The founding members of Lightspeed were Barry Eggers, Christopher Schaepe, Peter Nieh and Ravi Mhatre.

Ashley Brasier grew up with an interest of becoming an architect like her father. Most of the time she spent with her father mastering the art of prototyping. Ashley also enrolled at Duke University to advance prototyping skills which made her prefer prototyping business ideas to real life situation. It’s after graduating she served as a consultant at Bain. After working for several years at Bain, she moved to Thumbtack Inc. as a Category Manager she was given the role of clients’ entertainment and experience in events and wedding categories. Read this article at Forbes to learn more about Ashley.

At Thumbtack, Ashley was exposed to venture capital. She attracted much interest to this industry because of its capability to foresee the uncertain and proven record of recognizing and providing support to the company ’s projects before they are established.

Ashley Brasier realized she needed financial capital to support herself and to achieve this she had to venture into several industries at once. She left Thumbtack and partnered with Lightspeed assisting entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to reality. As a member of Ashley Lightspeed consumer investment team, Ashley worked closely with starting up industries to define their growth strategy.

Ashley Lightspeed ventures focus in seed, early stage, expansion stage, the growth of industries and incubation and has specialized in financing debt for starting up and developing an already grown company.

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Alastair Borthwick: The Life of a Legend

Alastair Borthwick was one of those people who lived life to the fullest and did not seek recognition for the amazing thing things he was able to achieve in his life. He was an author and a broadcaster whose stories touched many hearts and who would take his listeners and readers on great adventures using his stories. His family moved from his birthplace Rutherglen to Troon when he was still very young and then on to Glasgow where he attended Glasgow High School.

When he turned 16 he gave up school to work for a local tabloid newspaper called the Evening times. After leaving the Evening Times he went on to the to the Glasgow Herald where he worked as a copywriter. He would write down the information relayed by reporters via telephone. In no time getting his chance to write his own articles. It was while working at the Herald that he fell in love with the outdoor life. He had been editing the paper’s Open Air page and grew interested in the hiking and other outdoorsy activities.

Hiking and rock climbing was an activity that was reserved for the elite. He found it interesting that people living in Glasgow would take time on the weekend to walk and do some climbing and the activity was growing popular by the day. He, therefore, started climbing too in the Scottish Highlands and spend a lot of his leisure time this way. His book Always a Little Further came into being from his climbing activities.

It was a compilation of his articles for the Herald that T.S Eliot helped make into a book. In the book, Alastair Borthwick says that life outdoors was a great way to get away from the city and its worries as it is not possible to sweat and be worried at the same time. During WW2 he joined up and after the war ended he and his wife moved to Jura where their son Patrick was born. He then worked for the BBC as a broadcaster and later on as a TV program producer.

About Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen in the month of February of 1913 and attended Glasgow High School.

Gareth Henry Joins Medium With Authorship In Private Equity Investment

After completing studies from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Gareth Henry started a career specializing in private real estate and credit investment products.

He held many titles including Director of Strategic Solutions, Global Head of Investor Relations, and Head of International Investor Relations. Nearly 21 years, he gained experience working for Schroders, Fortress Investment Group, and Angelo, Gordon, & Company. With much expertise in investments, leadership, global markets, and portfolio management, he is now an author publishing informative and suggestive advice.

In an article authorship on November 7th, 2018, Gareth Henry informs investment readers about strategies in private equity and public ownership. Private equity, an alternative investment class comprises funds that directly invests into companies, such as startup and private. The fund holder, called a private equity firm invests in private companies and holds positions in stocks that’s publicly traded. Investors use the fund to make investments in emerging and new technology, acquisitions, and to increase working capital for meeting financial obligations. Gareth’s example of private equity is venturing capital to support new ideas of entities in its early establishment stage.

Gareth Henry has advice about the disadvantages of public ownership. One important issue is the costs associated with IP which can escalate over an 18-month period. It can cost $750,000 to do the IPO which he says half of private companies stop to go public instead. It’s an ongoing financial commitment to compliance, standards, and maintenance with an average cost over $5.4 million. In his authorship, he identified two of the largest private transactions dating back to 1988 and 2007.

The first transaction involved Kohlber, Kravis & Robert purchasing RJR Nabisco for $25.1 billion. Next, is an acquisition transaction for Kohlber, Kravis & Robert to gain ownership of TXU Energy. The total cost of the acquisition was $45 billion through partnerships with TPG Group and Goldman Sachs. The partnership comprises limited partners who share risks with 99 percent ownership and limited liability; and general partners who own one percent of shares and have full liability. Gareth Henry warns his readers to pay close attention to all statements of private offerings and read the fine print about management fees to reduce costs.

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