Betsy DeVos Demonstrates Her Dedication To Educational Choice By Revealing The Benefactors Of Her Charitable Giving

Betsy DeVos is a native of Michigan who serves in many different business sectors in the United States. She was born in the town of Holland, Michigan, where she worked with her father at his auto parts store. DeVos is an independent woman who later studied at Calvin College, which is a private Christian college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her deep interest in politics began there, and she also earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics at the college before moving on to greater things.


Betsy DeVos has been part of the leadership at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids for many years. She has also supported many other Christian Schools and continues to be one of the most active supporters of educational choice. This educational movement has been in existence for many years and works to offer younger American students equal educational opportunities.


In the past, Betsy DeVos served the movement by sitting on the boards of the American Education Reform Council as well as Children First America. She also worked with her husband, Dick DeVos, to pass a charter school bill in the early 1990s in the state of Michigan. She also worked to reform the educational system in the state by creating the Great Lakes Education Project. This project operated to help expand charter schools in Michigan, and her success with its mission prompted her to begin to work towards doing the same for the entirety of the United States.


Before deciding to place her bid to serve her nation as its educational secretary, Betsy DeVos decided to open up the books of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The foundation has donated more than $139 to different charitable causes, but its main focus has been on America’s educational sector. In 2015, the foundation donated close to $12 million to charitable organizations, and 26% of that money went to the educational sector.


In the past, Betsy DeVos has donated money to the Rehoboth Christian School, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, West Michigan Aviation Academy, Northwood University in Midland, and Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids. She has also donated money to help support poor families who need extra help so they can afford to place their children in a quality private or charter school. DeVos continues to fight to pass legislation that allows tax dollars to be used to assist low income families with private and charter school tuition fees. It is her hope that there will come a day when every family in America can enjoy the equal educational opportunities.


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