Ryan Seacrest And Girlfriend Taylor Open Up About Their Love For Each Other And Food

Ryan Seacrest and Taylor meeting 2013 through mutual acquaintances and a friendship struck. Ryan mentions that he was fast drawn in by Taylor’s beauty and intelligence. he however quickly at that it was cooking skills that that made him fall the food blogger. It all started When Shayna Taylor, a chef by profession, mentioned that she was excellent in making gluten-free pancakes and Ryan fell for it. In the months that followed the two would realize they shared more than love for food and each other, they also share the love for adventure.

Break and patch up

One year into dating Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor had some disagreements that led to a breakup. A few months later they would patch up and rekindle their love. According to Taylor, the few months of breaking up helped each one of them come to terms with the fact that they were mature and needed to handle disagreements differently. she adds that in order to keep what they have going on, they have embarked on a series of mutually shared interests.

For instance, Ryan mentions that the two are always finding ways to spend more time with each other despite his busy schedule. one of these includes waking up a few hours before the start of his day so that they can have an hour or two of engaging in mutual activities. These often include cooking jogging or hitting the gym and doing a host of exercises together.

Moving to New York

In 2017, Ryan was tapped to host ABC’s morning show live with Kelly and Ryan. This effectively meant that the couple had to make a cross-country move from Los Angeles, California to New York. even for business, such a move can be considered life-changing for many but Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Taylor argue that it was possibly the best thing that has happened so far in the life as it has brought them even much closer.

About Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has made himself a name in the entertainment industry with his popular daily morning drive show live with Kelly and Ryan. He is also a successful entrepreneur with interests in the film production and fashion industries. He has gone on to establish an award-winning production house as well as an equally successful men’s clothing line.

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