Securus Technologies Providing Advanced Investigative and Surveillance Technology to the Correctional Authorities

Securus Technologies, the company behind the creation of the most advanced drone detection technology, has received significant appreciation from its customers for the excellent work they are doing. The company recently won the 2018 Stevie Awards for the third time in a row for their superb dedication to customer service. It works along with its clients to find management solutions that would allow its clients to make the prisons safer than before. Advancing technology has led to the increase in problems for prisons. Securus Technologies has been identifying such problems and creating systems to help the prison officials’ deal with those issues.


For people who have never worked at the prison, do not know the severity of the problems that the guards face there. There is always some threat looking over the guards, and they have to alert at all times. But, sometimes even being on constant alert is not enough as inmates find newer and advanced ways to breach the security and get goods smuggled inside the prisons that can lead to severe threats to the lives of the guards and other inmates as well. Inmates with contacts outside the prisons are using drones to have large packages delivered to the prison yards from where the inmates collect them.


Securus Technologies continues to evolve as a correctional firm with time and develop new technologies that would set new benchmarks in the correctional industry. Over the years, Securus Technologies has developed and introduced many different correctional products and services that have been highly useful for the inmates as well as the correctional officers. One such technology that the company recently introduced to the world is the drone detection technology, which would not let any drone fly over the jail without being authorized. The criminals have been using the drones to drop contraband packages inside the prisons, which are then collected discreetly by the prisoners. It happens very quickly and in a coordinated way, and thus, most of the times the inmates have been getting away with it.


However, with the drone detection technology, as soon as any drone enters the prison premise, the correctional officers are notified. It is what helps in taking the corrective measures immediately. Not only are the services of the company top class, but the customer services of Securus Technologies are also highly appreciated by its loyal customer base. Securus Technologies recently won three awards in the customer service category at the Golden Stevie Awards. Winning awards at such a highly acclaimed award ceremony have helped the company make a solid reputation for itself in the market. Securus Technologies continues to build new products and services for the correctional industry to make prisons safer and protect inmates and the officers.



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