The Life And Times Of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born in Canada to a middle class family who worked hard to earn their money. He became interested in business and thought that this was something he could do. He attended the HEC Montréal Business School at the University of Montréal and earned the degree he sought. Upon graduation, he got a job at General Motors where he worked for over 14 years. He quickly rose up the ranks in the company and became one of their executives in charge of the assembly line. His tenacity and perseverance allowed him to increase productivity at the plant to where they were putting a vehicle together in less than one minute.

After he felt that he had accomplished all that he could at GM, he moved on to the aerospace industry as recommended by a friend. He got a position at Pratt & Whitney Canada. This move allowed him to find his niche in the business world. He continued to work in this field until his retirement. He moved from company to company for several years until he was offered the position of chairman of UTC. This company works in the aerospace industry as well as other technological fields. They are involved in producing large engines for HVAC systems and much more.

When Louis Chenevert retired in 2014, he knew that he could not just stay at home and do nothing. He began working with different charities throughout his hometown and dedicated his time and money to many causes. He has earned numerous awards for his philanthropic work over the years. He also began working as an advisor to Goldman Sachs Corporation and continues to do that to this day. He is still officially retired but does this work on a part time basis. Louis Chenevert may never completely stop working and many people look forward to seeing what his next project will be.

TDL Global Ventures Ventures’ president, Todd Lubar.

Todd Lubar is an accomplished real estate businessman based in Maryland. He has a rich, strong educational background. He joined Peddie School based in Hightstown for his high school education.


He later attained his bachelor’s in arts, communication from Syracuse University in the year 1995. After graduation, Todd Lubar began his career at the Crestar Morgage firm in the loans and savings department.


He was fascinated by real estate business while working at the corporation. It did not take him long before dropping his job as a loan originator and pursuing his dream in real estate finance.


Todd left Crestar Morgage and secured a job with the Legacy Financial Group located in Arlington, Texas. The firm was glad in signing him as he skyrocketed the firm’s production to $100 million in his short period of stay.


Due to his profound success in the firm, he rose the ranks before finally leaving the firm in the year 2005. Todd Lubar moved to Charter Funding corporation and worked as the vice president for two years.


His skills and experience increased, and this enabled him to establish Legendary Properties which is a real estate corporation. He later expanded his company to include the Legendary Financial company which is a subsidiary of Legendary Properties.


This portfolio firm specializes in lending to businesses and individuals. Todd Lubar is a flexible businessman who has worked in a diversity of companies including his involvement in scrap metals.


The role played by Todd Lubar in the real estate business is huge. His involvement in real estate has seen rapid change in the buying, rehabilitation, and selling of residential properties.


He has been involved in over 210 purchases and sales of properties. These units vary from single family units to over 20 multi-unit settlements. Todd Lubar is a renowned entrepreneur who has built a secure web of a network in the mortgage and real estate industry.


This considerable network has been an invaluable asset defining his success in the business. He has been in real estate for over ten years. Currently, Todd is the President of the TDL Global Ventures, a prominent firm dealing in residential development and real estate.


He has maximized his use of liquidity properties to accommodate the high number of borrowers. He has also successfully done over 7000 transactions since the inception of his company.


Todd lives in Bethsaida, Maryland. He stays there with his two children. He is a family man that spends time with the family either at home or on vacations. His dedication and passion have indeed created a revolution in the real estate market in Maryland.


He is also involved in many organizations that significant in the mentorship of young entrepreneurs.


Sussex Healthcare Gives The Elderly Lives Worth Living

In the healthcare sector the elderly are often overlooked. Luckily an organization like Sussex Healthcare exists. Sussex has been providing specialized care to the elderly for well over two decades. While Sussex does provide services for other adults it primarily focuses on senior citizens.

Sussex has benefited greatly from the complimenting skills of its two chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Boghani has a background as a hotel manager and Sachedina, a former dental surgeon, has experience in the medical field. The combination of the two professionals has led to Sussex Healthcare being one of the premiere adult care networks in the world.

Sussex was founded more than 25 years ago opening its first facility in 1985. Since then Sussex has vastly expanded boasting more than 20 operational facilities. Sussex residents are diverse with varying healthcare needs. It employs a trained caregiving staff made up of individuals passionate about improving the lives of others. Some even look at some of the residents as extended family.

Sussex is interested in more than just making the people who call Sussex Healthcare facilities home comfortable. They try their best to make the lives of its residents worth living by providing them access to leisure, social, and recreational activities.

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About Sussex Leadership

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is the CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Though she was just recently named CEO people expect big things from her moving forward. She has years of past experience in the medical field to draw from. Her first career was that of a mental health nurse. So she knows firsthand the kind of challenges residents of Sussex may be facing.

Shiraz Boghani is a successful entrepreneur and co-chair of Sussex. Before coming to Sussex Shiraz was a prominent hotel manager. In fact, just two years ago he was named Asian Business Awards Hotelier of the Year.

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Clay Siegall career path to the time he co-founded Seattle Genetics

In 1998, Clay Siegall was among the co-founders of Seattle Genetics that gave him the position of becoming the companies Chief Executive Officer, the president and the board members he was the chairman. Clay had the training in science that’s why at Seattle Genetics he built the company in a way that it will emphasis of the cancer therapies on the foundation that the team was to come up with rigorous research, innovations, and development of the best drug with one thing in mind that is helping the patients. Clay Siegall has been efficiently offering his leadership skills to the company that has overseen the position that they have in developing the antibody- drug and getting the approval from the 2011 FDA on the first product they developed the ADC, ADCETRIS. The reason why ADCETRIS is the drug that has been approved in 65 countries, is that the collaboration that took place with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company is overseen the growth in awareness.

Under the leadership on Dr. Siegall, there has been the entering of the multiple strategic licenses by the Seattle genetics because of the ADC technology, which has been successful because it has earned the company $350 million. In the Seattle Genetic capital raising activities, Dr. Siegall has been leading the company, which has resulted in getting $1.2 billion in the public and private Financings, the one that is commonly known is the public offering in 2001.

Before the co-founding of Seattle Genetics from 1991 to 1997 Dr. Siegall worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and in 1988 to 1991 he worked at the National Institute of Health. In the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Washington Roundtable, he is among the board of directors. In his career life, he has received so many awards that have recognized his good works. Because he makes sure that the needs of the patient will be the priority. That has resulted in him receiving the Alumnus of the year for the computer that was in 2013 and in 2012 he got the Pacific Northwest Ernst award. He has written more than 70 publications. He attended the George Washington University where he received his Ph.D. in genetics.

Randal Nardone: A Man of Success

Have you ever dreamed of being a billionaire? Have you ever wondered what it would take to become one? One man did and he climbed to the very top of the ladder of success. This man’s name is Randal A. Nardone. He is a self-made billionaire and businessman. In fact, Randal is ranked on the Forbes Billionaire list and his number is 557. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Fortress Investment Group. He also oversees several other companies holding title as the President, principal, and chairman. He is the director of Eurocastle Investment, which focuses on real estate assets in the country of Italy. Fortress Investment Group is responsible for management of over forty billion dollars in private assets, hedge funds, real estate and credit markets.

Randal Nardone oversees everything within the company involving financial matters and anything that might come up as a legal issue. He oversees the legal aspects because he was once a lawyer as well. He attended the Boston University School of Law and from there went on to become an executive for the Thacher and Wood Law Firm. He did this for awhile and quite enjoyed it until he decided he wanted his career to take a different path. He went on to the finance industry. He became the managing director for the Universal Bank of Sweden and was the principal for Blackrock Financial Management. It was a short time later he met with Wesley R. Edens and Robert Kauffman. The three co-founded the company, Fortress Investment Group in 1998.

From there, they expanded the company in size, investing the time, money, and effort to make it the success it is today. Randal Nardone takes care of his company like it is a person, always cultivating it and helping it grow larger and bring profits in with each passing day. His company has gained a reputation for being highly reputable and extremely well-managed. The employees that work there attest to this fact stating the company is extremely efficient and always pushing to meet their deadlines. The work environment is said to be busy and fast paced but perfect for a new intern who is learning about how the finance industry works and looking to get their foot in the door for a new career in investment management. Randal Nardone’s businesses are extremely successful. He lives a busy but high quality life overseeing his companies and residing with his wife in New York.


Michael Lacey is a Math Whiz

Michael Lacey is a prominent American mathematician whose name is known around the globe. He currently holds a tenured position at the Georgia Institute of technology. Here, he is the lead for linear algebra and calculus. He is who mentor students pursuing their doctoral degrees. He also helps pre-doctoral students work on their research question prior to writing their dissertations.


In 2004, he was the recipient of the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship grant. These grants are meant to be given to advance professionals who are currently halfway through their careers. It is given to those who have been productive already and show great promise for the future. Those who have received Guggenheim fellowships include Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and other prestigious awards. Every year, the Guggenheim Fellowship receives over 4000 applications for only 200 people receive awards. Michael Lacey was one of those people. He is to use this money to free up his time in order to continue working on his passion.


Michael Lacey has also been recognized by the Simon foundation. In the year 2012, he was awarded a fellowship with the American mathematical Society.


It was clear during his time mentoring underneath Walter Philip the Michael Lacey would become a wonderful addition to the world of mathematics. He and Walter Philip were essential improving the central limit theorem. Sense then, he has published several different papers that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals concerning that theorem.


During his time getting his PhD, Michael Lacey worked with Walter Philip in the area of Banach Spaces. By doing so, he was able to solve a worldwide problem concerning the empirical characteristic functions of the law of integrated logarithms.


Michael Lacey has also been essential in working on the areas of ergodic theory, probability, and harmonic analysis.


Lacey’s first job upon graduation was a position at the State University of Louisiana. After working here for just a year he will move on to North Carolina where he would teach at Chapel Hill. During this time he continued his postdoctoral work with Walter Philip as the to publish cutting edge theorems.

Fortress Investment Group: Then and Now

Fortress Investment Group isn’t it alternative Asset managers. Fortress Investment Group LLC was founded by Rob Kauffman Randall Nardone, and Wesley R. Eden’s. Fortress was the first Equity Firm of its size to be launched on the New York Stock Exchange $43.6 billion in private-equity liquid hedge funds credit funds and alternative assets. Alternative assets are assets in things other than cash stocks bonds it Loosely means that it is tangible assets such as antique coins wine art stamps Gold Silver and other precious metals. It could also include carbon credits venture capitalist film Productions Financial derivatives cryptocurrencies for Street shipping real estate private equity and distressed securities.

At its Inception, Fortress Investment Group LLC was a privately held equity firm. The founders made a decision rather quickly to enlarge into real estate investments, securities, debt securities and hedge funds. In the beginning, it was run by Michael Novogratz and Pete Bridge; both of whom are prior partners at Goldman Sachs.

Between 1999 and 2006 the company grew at a phenomenal speed. It launched on the New York Stock Stock Exchange on February 9th, 2007 with Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs as the underwriters of the IPO, and learn more about Fortress Group.

The company was recognized by numerous publications including HFMWeek, who named Fortress as ” The Management Firm of the Year” they were also called ‘A Hedge Fund Manager of the Year by Institutional Investors.


Fortress’s Core Competencies

Fortress Investment Group LLC puts forward substantial knowledge in a wide range of investing options it proves to be exceedingly diverse in types of assets. Fortress has extensive skills and all of the industries in which it chooses to fund. Over the years when choosing company portfolios and investment Alternatives a reliable and knowledgeable team of investment professionals has been construed.

Fortress Investment Group LLC has perfected these tools of finding and withdrawing immense value from the complex and diverse investment.

Fortress has extensive skill in acquiring and merging corporate company which helps when working with the board of directors management teams and stakeholders, and their Website.

Fortress has remarkable aptness and proficiency when securing reduced cost and low-risk financing. It’s able to do this by acquiring the debt and equity capital markets



Peter L. Briger, JR. is the Co-Chief Executive Officer. He is a member of the bod since 2006. Mr. Bridger’s primary responsibility is obtaining, acquiring and growing the credit business for Fortress. He was a partner at Goldman Sachs & Co before he came to Fortress, and

Wesley R. Edens is Co-Chief Executive Officer. He is a member of the Management Committee which started in 1998. His responsibility is alternative business investments.

Randal A. Nardone is a member of the BOD. He was appointed as CEO in 2013. He has served as the interim CEO before his appointment.

February 14th, 2017 brought about a significant change at Fortress Investment Group this was when SoftBank group agreed to purchase Fortress Investment Group LLC for the amount of 3.3 billion dollars. The deal was completed during the last week of December 2017, and read full article.

Master Architect Robert Ivy Leads the AIA

The American Institute of Architects, also known as the AIA, is currently under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy first became the organization’s CEO in 2011, and learn more about David McDonald.

The AIA is a national organization of both design professionals and architects, all of whom are looking to better the environments around them through their designs. 90,000 members strong, the AIA now has well over 250 chapters across the country.

Prior to his current role, Robert Ivy was already a notable name in the architecture world due to his time as Editor-in-Chief at the Architectural Record, as well as his time as the Vice President and Editorial Director for McGraw-Hill Construction.

Mr. Ivy has done quite an impressive job of using the influence of the AIA to advocate for architects and design professionals. The public’s awareness of modern architectures relevance and value is something that Robert Ivy is dedicated to improving.

In addition to his advocacy, Mr. Ivy has also focused on education initiatives and public outreach during his time as the American Institute of Architects’ CEO. Modern architects are faced with a very different set of challenges than their predecessors due to several factors, many of which are in relation to climate change and sustainability. Robert Ivy thinks that is is of the utmost importance for 21st century design professionals and architects to be well-prepared for such challenges, as success in their careers will likely depend on how well they adapt to these conditions, and

Recently, Robert Ivy was put into the same category as iconic architects such as Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei and Miles van der Rohe after he received Alpha Rho Chi’s designation of Master Architect. This honor has only been bestowed upon a total of seven different architects in history. Robert Ivy, however, is the only person in the current century to have been awarded the Master Architect designation, and more information click here.

Securus Technologies Providing Advanced Investigative and Surveillance Technology to the Correctional Authorities

Securus Technologies, the company behind the creation of the most advanced drone detection technology, has received significant appreciation from its customers for the excellent work they are doing. The company recently won the 2018 Stevie Awards for the third time in a row for their superb dedication to customer service. It works along with its clients to find management solutions that would allow its clients to make the prisons safer than before. Advancing technology has led to the increase in problems for prisons. Securus Technologies has been identifying such problems and creating systems to help the prison officials’ deal with those issues.


For people who have never worked at the prison, do not know the severity of the problems that the guards face there. There is always some threat looking over the guards, and they have to alert at all times. But, sometimes even being on constant alert is not enough as inmates find newer and advanced ways to breach the security and get goods smuggled inside the prisons that can lead to severe threats to the lives of the guards and other inmates as well. Inmates with contacts outside the prisons are using drones to have large packages delivered to the prison yards from where the inmates collect them.


Securus Technologies continues to evolve as a correctional firm with time and develop new technologies that would set new benchmarks in the correctional industry. Over the years, Securus Technologies has developed and introduced many different correctional products and services that have been highly useful for the inmates as well as the correctional officers. One such technology that the company recently introduced to the world is the drone detection technology, which would not let any drone fly over the jail without being authorized. The criminals have been using the drones to drop contraband packages inside the prisons, which are then collected discreetly by the prisoners. It happens very quickly and in a coordinated way, and thus, most of the times the inmates have been getting away with it.


However, with the drone detection technology, as soon as any drone enters the prison premise, the correctional officers are notified. It is what helps in taking the corrective measures immediately. Not only are the services of the company top class, but the customer services of Securus Technologies are also highly appreciated by its loyal customer base. Securus Technologies recently won three awards in the customer service category at the Golden Stevie Awards. Winning awards at such a highly acclaimed award ceremony have helped the company make a solid reputation for itself in the market. Securus Technologies continues to build new products and services for the correctional industry to make prisons safer and protect inmates and the officers.



Lime Crime, the Color Show Stopper!

Doe Deere has stepped onto the beauty scene with amazing color concepts! The creative entrepreneur, founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics is challenging the makeup marketplace with unconventional, vivacious, bold shades. Her line offers eyeshadows, an array of liquid liners, high impact lip glosses, loose pigments, and relevant lipsticks. Her entrepreneurial prowess began back in 2004 when she launched her first online eBay store. The digital store comprised of her DIY creative ensembles. Here, she modeled her own high-fashion line and envisioned the brand to be the ultimate attention getter. Not pleased with the makeup colors that were trending, she began styling, crafting, and mixing her own palettes. This added an emboldened flair to her couture concept. So much so that she fostered a blog that provided directions on how to wear and apply her robust cosmetics. Rapidly, she gained three million Instagram followers.


The Lime Crime exclusive makeup collection had been born; it launched by 2008. Doe Deere initially sold eyeshadows, glitter, primers, various hues of blush, and quality makeup application brushes-prices started at a nominal amount of $12. The brand began to boom in 2009. Businesswoman Doe Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she studied fashion design and illustration. Her educational career was short-lived as she pushed into the fashion industry with the creation of her eBay shop named ‘limecrime’. Ms. Deere has always been passionate about creativity and lots and lots of color. Now, she has discovered a world where she and the realm of color have no boundaries.


Her business successes derived from listening to what her customers need. Ms. Deere quickly transpired her customer’s wants and needs into a well-sought-after product line. She takes pride in pioneering vegan, cruelty-free products with vibrant flair. One of her biggest decisions a few months ago was choosing the right lab to formulate her compilation. Doe Deere’s focus was aligned with finding a chemist that shared her vision and having the ability to select her colors.


Lime Crime has enabled her to support select charities such as Girls Inc., Sanctuary For Families, Adopt New York and the Bideawee Animal Shelter, to name a few. Her values are closely aligned with the diverse causes that she champion. She undoubtedly leads in front of the cosmetics market with unapologetic, fashion-forward, confident, and audacious color. Hence came the name, Lime Crime. The brand itself was inspired by her passionate creativity and a sense of whimsical fairy-like style. You may notice that her brand’s identity reflect her deliberate sense of pizzazz and boldness. The unicorn has been referenced as the company’s mascot. Doe Deere expresses that their mascot embodies rarity, beauty, and a benevolent consideration towards animals. Lime Crime has introduced it’s latest line called Alchemy which brings daring colors of coppers, purples, and greens together in a swirled design. Other creative collections from the brand are on the rise. Lime Crime has postured itself as a ground-breaking company in today’s beauty community.


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